Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Huancayo, Peru! It's time for my Mission!

Hello there!  My name is Andrew Holmes, and I was just recently called on an LDS Church Mission to Huancayo, Peru!  I will be reporting to the Lima, Peru Missionary Training Center on August 26th for 6 weeks to learn the language, culture, and of course... Brush up on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In another Language!

I get alot of people asking me, did you take Spanish in High School?  Well, the first answer to that question is yes.  3 Years.  But living in a Rural-type community, I never really got a chance to utilize it, so here we are.  I am Mr. Greengo and I have to re learn everything I have unlearned in the last few years.

I am beyond excited for the upcoming 2 Years of Opportunities I will have to serve the people of Peru!  It is amazing to me how often we as Americans cannot see past how good we have it here in the US.  I haven't even left yet, but as I prepare for what I will need in Peru, I am learning that so much of what we take for granted here is not a modern convenience there, and I will need to find a way to improvise.  But that is what life is about right?  Improvising?

As I get closer to my departure date, I learn more and more of what it takes to get ready for a Mission, both Physically like the purchases of Luggage, Clothing, everyday items; but also for the Spiritual Preparation like Temple Prep and Scripture Study.

So here I am, a Southern California Teenager, getting ready for my Mission to Peru, while finishing my School Work with BYU-IS, Working for Rim of the World School District, and 1st Counselor in the Crestline Ward YM.  I cannot wait for the challenges that lie ahead of me, and I hope to share those challenges and experiences with all of you via Social Media!

-Andrew Holmes