Monday, December 14, 2015

Week in Review - November 29, 2015 - December 12, 2015

I have finally got a second to breath.  I'm not going to lie... This week has been a loaded one, extremely out of my mind busy, but a good busy.  Translated and put subtitles on a video for the multi-zones, sent 2 missionaries home early to different countries did the proper paperwork.  Fixed a door, replaced another door handle, ate an apple pie, played monopoly, and burnt the heck out of the Pizza Hut guy for always coming late, and got an additional cheese filled crust pizza for free, Zone Leaders Conference, Ward Council Training, etc,....  Ugh.  I'm tired!

This last week we also had the opportunity to watch the first presidencies Christmas Devotional, I loved it.  We were here in the office taking care of some things, so we had our dinner taken to the office, instead of the pension, and put up two computers, one in English and the other in Spanish.  Just loved being able to listen to the talks and the MoTab Christmas music should make everybody happy.

Being the personal secretary, every once and a while your phone rings. 

These are our mission standard phones. Every companionship has a phone that is exactly like this guy... Super basic.  Super annoying. Haha.  I remember before the mission thinking it would be great if we had phones in the mission.  Well,we have our cute Nokias, and I cannot tell you how fast I would throw it off a cliff if I could.  It just never stops ringing, I feel later on that I actually begin to catch up and then I get a call from the Area . . . .Such and such persons need to come to Lima, or I need these documents now!  No!!!  Right now, my projects in the office consist of:

-Make sure everybody is legal
-If they aren't, or won't be soon, make it so they are
-Yearly Closure - Foreigners Reports, and Taxes for immigrations.
-Plane Return Trips Home - For those who finish normally and those who finish super early.
-Chit Chat with the Area (Lima)

So, sometimes when It even comes to P-DAY but something more important comes up, I have to do the thing that is more important and time consuming.  I'm getting a better hold on my job here, but there are still many times in which I have a bunch of stuff to do and It is IMPOSSIBLE to do it in another time or moment, so I basically sway to the will of the work.  Ugh...

Hope all is well at home, and this week I will try to coordinate with you guys what day we can do the Skype call for Christmas. So start looking at dates that you guys can (and a backup or two if there is weather, so I can plan to be in the office.  (I will not be in the office until the 24th of December, so the dates need to be from this date on...)

Love you all!

Elder Holmes
Huancayo, Perú